Sunday, 27th August 2017

The arrest in Baku of the "Doyen" of South Caucasus journalists has fueled speculation about what is going on in Azerbaijan. In this op-ed for Dennis Sammut discusses the recent arrest of veteran Azerbaijani journalist Mehman Alieyev.

Wednesday, 23rd August 2017

The fire fighting effort has seen a rare moment of regional co-operation. Apart from the soldiers, fire-fighters and civil defence personnel from Georgia, 95 firefighters from Azerbaijan, and 70 from Armenia have been assisting in the operation, bringing with them heavy equipment. Helicopters from Turkey, Azerbaijan and Belarus are also involved.

Tuesday, 22nd August 2017

Emergency services fought against forest fires in Armenia and Georgia, whilst in Russia's Rostov on Don thirty houses were destroyed when a gas cylinder exploded. There are no reports of any fatalities in the incidents.