Monday, 4th February 2019

"We can see that our Western colleagues are reluctant to communicate on an equal footing on various platforms," the Russian Foreign Minister noted during a speech in Bishkek. "We are calm about it. Arrogance and a sense of superiority never made anyone more attractive," he said..

Sunday, 3rd February 2019

Official figures revealed that the population residing in Turkey increased by 1,193,357 people year-on-year. The population rate in the 15-64 working age group increased by 1.4 percent compared to the previous year.

Friday, 1st February 2019

The Russian newspaper Kommersant reported that Armenia will receive four new SU-30s fighter jets in 2020. Russia will supply the aircraft with credit, and at Russian domestic prices, the newspaper said.

Tuesday, 29th January 2019

Aliyev spoke of the ongoing conflict with Armenia, saying political, economic and military power was necessary to win this conflict. But he also sounded a conciliatory note. "We want a peaceful resolution of the conflict. We do not want martyrs, we do not want young people to become martyrs", he told those assembled.