воскресенье, 22nd апреля 2018

In the operation to arrest Pashinyan the police used stun grenades. At least two other members of parliament from the oppostion Yelk Bloc, as well many others have also been taken into custody.

суббота, 21st апреля 2018

Mammadov has been part of Azerbaijan's ruling circle for a long time. He has headed the Foreign Relations Department of the Presidential Administration since 1997 and was appointed Assistant to the President for Foreign Affairs in 2017. He was also the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration.

четверг, 19th апреля 2018

The situation in the Armenian capital, Yerevan is reported tense as police and demonstrators clashed outside the main government building, where the newly appointed prime minister Serzh Sargsyan was due to chair his first cabinet meeting.