среда, 28th марта 2018

President Rouhani earlier said that "Iran attaches importance to its cooperation with neighboring states from security and economic points of view" and hoped that during his visit to the neighboring countries "he would be able to solve regional problems and lead the region towards further stability and security".

вторник, 27th марта 2018

Jean Claude Juncker described the discussions as "frank and open", which in diplomatic discourse is often a term used for a difficult set of discussions. However no one was expecting the meeting to be easy, so the positive tone at the end of the meeting can be a sign that Varna was an important turning point.

четверг, 22nd марта 2018

Georgian-Belarus relations improved after 2008, when unexpectedly Belarus did not follow Russia in recognising the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia despite Kremlin pressure.

вторник, 20th марта 2018

The three thousand year old festival marking the arrival of Spring and Persian new year is celebrated in Iran, Azerbaijan, parts of Georgia, Central Asia and among diaspora communities world-wide