вторник, 24th октября 2017

"The EAEU had one major goal when it was launched: to strengthen Moscow's position across the former Soviet space, yet its success so far has been modest, and beyond the five members, others are unlikely to join in the near future", argues Emil Avdaliani in this op-ed

понедельник, 23rd октября 2017

A raft of issues are complicating relations between long time allies Turkey and the United States. But both sides continue using diplomatic back-channels to get as many concessions as possible from each other without fatally harming bilateral relations, argues Benyamin Poghosyan in this op-ed

вторник, 17th октября 2017

Richard Giragosian, Director of the Regional Studies Centre in Yerevan, said the meeting was part of a broader effort undertaken by a recently formed "Working Group" comprised of Armenian and Azerbaijani members committed to "developing a ‘next generation' of ideas and measures that may impact positively the process of resolving the Karabakh conflict."