Launch of publication as part of the joint media project ‘Unheard Voices’

International Alert has launched a publication as part of the joint media project ‘Unheard Voices’, the initiative facilitated by International Alert that brings together journalists from major mainstream and independent media outlets in Azerbaijan, Armenia and Nagorny Karabakh. In the project the journalists profile the lives of ordinary people in the communities most affected by the ongoing conflict, highlighting the human cost of the conflict and giving a much-needed alternative to the widespread pro-war rhetoric.


Learning How to Make Films: Dialogue Through Film Academy

A group of aspiring Armenian and Azerbaijani video journalists completed a one-year film-production study programme run by Conciliation Resources’ local partners in Azerbaijan and Armenia in 2013 / 2014.

Dialogue Through Film Academy offered participants the chance to learn all the basic skills needed to make a film – from researching and pitching an idea, to planning a shoot, script-writing and film-editing. The teams were chosen through a competitive process.


Different Faces, Shared Hopes - The Human Side of Conflict

In March-April 2011, International Alert commissioned a series of portraits of people throughout the conflict-torn region from international award-winning photographer Jonathan Banks. The exhibition was called Different Faces, Shared Hopes - The Human Side of Conflict. The aim of the project was to capture faces of different people that vividly represent the human side of the conflict, where each individual remains above all a human being with his or her right to be what they are, wherever they live, with dignity and in peace.


Memories Without Borders

Memories Without Borders is a unique Turkish-Armenian-Azerbaijani 54-minute documentary, looking at the impacts of troubled histories on individual lives today.

At the meeting point between official history and personal lives Memories Without Borders challenges audiences to ask: what do we choose to remember about others, and what do others choose to remember about us?


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